Tales Of Water

"Tales of Water"

The project consists of a series of activities and events focused on public water-related monuments in Tinos (springs, fountains, wash basins), unfolding the island’s multiple identities and highlighting Tinos’ natural and man-made environments, as well as the cultural significance of agricultural constructions and monuments.

This was the idea behind the outdoor walking exhibition set up by members of the Tinos Artists Association of Visual Arts. Visitors will be taken on a journey across the springs of ten villages (Arnados, Mountados, Tripotamos, Ktikados, Hatzirados, Xinara, Smardakito, Kardiani, Venardados and Pyrgos), where visual arts meet oral history, painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, video art, in situ installations, tales of water, music, outdoor theatre performances and film screenings, all making for a unique experience embedding the visitor’s presence in the villages’ historical bond with water.

Down at the municipal’s Moshoulios School, which was refurbished and converted into a cultural venue, visitors will find an interactive map of Tinos with embedded QR codes, where they can read detailed information about the installations. 

THURSDAY August 4th

Storytelling/interactive games with Liza Pentheroudaki, Ktikados, at 19.30, in collaboration with the Tinos Festival

SUNDAY August 7th

Cycladic fairytale storytelling in the sounds of a guitar. Magical stories of the Cyclades with Stevi Fortoma and Dimitris Papalambrou, Hatzirados, “Pigadi”, at 19:30, in collaboration with the Tinos Festival.

SUNDAY August 7th

Streaming – “Quarry Sea” First screening of the original site-specific music theatre performance that was held at Koumelas quarry in Tinos, in the context of Residency: Four Plus One Elements Koinono 2022 – Tinos Art Gathering, supported by ΑΕJAA digital platform. Duration 35 minutes. Hatzirados, “Makelio”, at 20:30

TUESDAY August 9th

Pottery workshop for children aged 11 to 15 with Dimitris Skalkotos, “Creating in Mountados”, Mountados village, at 19.00, in collaboration with the Tinos Festival


“The bend of time”


“Birth: An Eternal Return”



“From the source”


“Xinaria Ι, ΙΙ”


“Dwelling Life”


“Blue Gold”




“What is negative now?”


“Wash Away”


“Memories Of Water”

"Where the Water Dwells"




Title: “The bend of time”
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The sanctity of water in the eternal cycle of life and it’s symbolism of cleansing the soul and body comes from a long way from different cultures and religions.

Thus, the water, as time that flows through the springs and the sours of the place, makes you able to perceive the passage of the Nymphs and the last oracle of the Delphic Pythia about the speaking water that was extinguished at the dawn of the new religion and the role of Baptist Prodromos as his new patron. But even more important is the trail of people, their aura, which transformed them into a mysterious space for legends and beliefs to flourish and Then... if you listen, you will see that an invisible web surrounds them and has captured their innermost thoughts, their desires and passions.


Title: “Memories Of Water”
Technique: Video, color with audio
Hatzirados, Tinos
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Title: "Where the Water Dwells"
The marble structure was crafted in the art and marble workshop of Nikos and Manolis Kousounadis
Installation in situ, “Washbasins” in the village of Hatzirados.
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Title: “Water”
Dimensions: 50x70x10 cm
3D Composition on Plexiglas
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Title: “From the source”
Dimensions: 50x70 cm
Technique: Metal Print
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Τitle: “Xinaria Ι, ΙΙ”
Technique: Chalcography
Dimensions: 100x40 cm
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Title: “Dwelling Life”
Project for an in situ installation
A collaboration with the poet Vassilis Rouvalis
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Intervention in the old laundry of Mountados

My installation consists of a copper plate, cut to the dimensions of the inclined side of one of the washtubs.

The plate is engraved with the poem by Vassilis Rouvalis , with whom I collaborated for this project.

The plate does not remove the possibility of using the trays, on the contrary, the friction of the fabrics on the metal surface recalls the old tools (usually on wood) which favored cleaning by friction.

A red fabric, embroidered with two sentences taken from the poem, floats in the tub which will be partially filled with water.

It is connected to a network of red threads which are balls of fabric and which will be used to block the water inlets or to channel it as the users of the washhouse always do.

The 2 sentences chosen for the embroidery are very symbolic... Life flows... Silence is sweet

Also, friction makes the metal shine and leaves the memory of use.

The tray, filled with water, can give a "magnifying" effect to the text



Title: “Waterlines”
Material: Chalk, marble
Dimensions: Variable
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Τitle: “What is negative now?”
Installation including objects, plants, wall printing with mixed techniques, lighting   
Dimensions: variable
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Those words accompany my project "What is negative now?" at the art exhibition "Tales of Water" because I feel some explanation is necessary.

They call me Yannis, I grew up in Tinos, and I have been living in Smardakito village for a year.

I made the installation at the water spring of the village, because I am closely connected with that water of an unknown origin that flows from this fountain.

I didn't make a work of art, I didn't touch any of it with my hands.

I asked them to carve out a piece of plastic and hang it on the walls that is housing the water spring.

I doubted if I should participate in this exhibition, in its first days, being away from the island and when I exhibited I wanted to be present. Also, I don't like artworks with long supplementary texts, I don't like that they are done without effort nor the creation of projects out of necessity for some upcoming exhibition.

Nevertheless, I could not refuse the opportunity to communicate my reflections to the audience of an exhibition about water and its stories.

So I will collate tables with information and images that perhaps create a basis to reflect on our relationship with water, the value and attention we give it, and if it finally "gets" the care it deserves.

Maybe it's not the best way to communicate something like this, but it will continue to concern me and I will continue to look for ways to share thoughts and solutions to the problem I locate.

Practically and thoughtfully I ask you to pay attention to what is most precious, water.


Title: “Wash Away”
Video and Audio Installation at the Fountain of Tripotamos Village
8’ min
by Marineta Mak Kritikou

Music, Performer, Lyrics Miss Kittin – Caroline Hervé
Music Supervisor Cleopatra Fyntanidou
Water SFX - Eleni Xynogala
Sound Design OXYZED

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Video viewing until 21st August
Showtimes: 20.00 - 22.00 

One hundred and five paintings depicting women from all continents washing clothes in spring water, in rivers and lakes, in laundries and courtyards come alive at the old fountain of Tripotamos village.

Sounds of nature and human sounds, voices, laughter, whispers, washings and flowing waters are mixed with the piece of music Wash 'n' Dry, with the sublime melody of Miss Kittin.

A global meeting of women in their most aesthetic form, from which emerges their inner power, their unique beauty and their universal complicity.

Without being ashamed of their dirty laundry in front of other women, absolutely dedicated and confident in their task, sure of the cleanliness and the catharsis they achieve through their daily work.

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The Artists and their work

1. Xatzikiriakos Gikas – Oi plistres 1946, Greece
2. Paul Gauguin 'Washerwomen at Pont-Aven' 1886, France
3. Gary Ernest Smith (1942- ) - USA
4. Fernando Amorsolo (1892-1972) - Lavanderas, Philippines
5. Augustus John OM(1878-1961) – Washing Day 1915, UK
6. Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924) - The laundress 
7. Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924) - Women washing Clothes
8. Rosanne’s art – Washer Woman - Zimbabwe
9. William Gunning King (1859-1940) England
10. Daniel F. Gerhartz (1965- ) USA
11. Eugene de Blaas (1843-1932) The Lavender 1912, Italy
12. Charles Courtney Curran (1861-1942) - Hanging out Linen, USA
13. Abdullah Yilmaz, 2009, Turkey
14. Carlos Quizpez Asin (1900-1983) - The Washerwomen of the Rímac 1928, Peru
15. Leon Augustin Lhermitte (1844-1925) Laveuses au lavoir, France
16. Jules (Adolphe Aimé Louis) Breton (1827-1906) Les lavandières, France
17. Eugene de Blaas (1843-1932) The laundress 1899, Italy
18. Adolphe Théodore Jules Martial Potémont (1828–1883) La rivière de la Farge à Valliéres (Creuse) - 1877, France
19. Héctor Julio Páride Bernabó or Carybé (1911-1997) Argentine, Brazil
20. Muller Munchen – The washerwomen,1901- Germany
21. Dora Noyes (1864-1960). Monday morning British
22. William T. Warrener (1861 – 1934) The Laundry British
23. Victorian Art- Unknown
24. Camille Pissaro (1830-1903) Les lavandieres,1895  Eragny,France
25. Anita Catarina Malfatti, (1889-1964) Lavadeiras, Sao Paolo, Brazil
26. Carlos Gomes (1934-1990) Lavadeiras no Rio Piabanha, Brazil
27. Hoa si Quôc Thài (1943-2020) Haiphong, Vietnam
28. Women in the river-Unknown, Maurician Art
29. Athayde Lopes(1934- ) Lavadeiras, 2005, Brasil
30. Morgan Weistling(1964- ) Laundry Line, USA
31. Bekir Ustun (1979- ) Turkey
32. Unknown-Jamaican Art
33. Kudalayya Hiremath (1982- ) India
34. Painted photo by C. Caggiano 1891, Italy
35. milind Mulick, India
36. Don Crowley (1926-2019) Apachi Women in the River, USA
37. Alfredo Roque Gameiro (1864-1935), Portugal
38. Liliana La Malfa Las Cholitas, Lavanderas 2011, Argentina
39. Alfredo Roque Gameiro (1864-1935) Lavandeiras, Portugal
40. Jorge Oramas (1911-1935) Lavanderas, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
41. Peder Mork Monsted (1859-1941) Washerwomen Torbole, Den mark
42. Selva, South Indian village women bathing in pond, India
43. Damiao Martins, Lavaderias, Brazil
44. Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Mother’s little helper, 1874, USA
45. Romare Bearden (1911-1988), Mississipi Monday, USA
46. Jose, Mejia Vides (1903-1993), Women washing their cloths in the river, 1940, El Salvador
47. Jose Pancetti (1902-1958) Lavadeiras do Abaeté 1957, Italy, Brazil
48. Pierre Auguste Renoir, Les Laveuses, - 1912 France
49. Elen Ture (1977- ) Les laveuses, 2015, France
50. Paul Gauguin “ Washerwomen at Roubine du Roi, 1888,
51. Jules Breton, The washerwomen of the Breton Coast, 1870 Franc
52. Joaquin Vayreda (1843-1894) Las Lavanderas , 1877, Spain
53. Ivar Kamke, Waters by the Channel, Venice, 1920, Sweden
54. Arnaldo Ferraguti (1862-1925), Washerwomen on Lake Maggiore, Italy
55. Sergey Dronov (1957- ) Laundresses on the river,  Russia
56. Alfredo_Roque_Gameiro (1864-1935), Portugal
57. Edmundo Otoniel Mejia (1950- ) The river laundry,2007, El Salvador 
58. Lionel Walden (1862-1933) Women washing Laundry on a River Bank
59. Guttierez Solana, Jose (1886-1945). The Laundresses. 1931-Spain
60. Ernest Hebert (1817-1908) – La lavandière -France
61. Antonio Amorós y Botella (1849-1925) - Unas lavanderas en Candas, 1886, Spain
62. Vladimir Gusev (1957- ) WasherWomen (Russia)
63. Pierre Nixon - Haiti
64. WARD Edgar Melville (1839-1915) Washing Day 1874, USA
65. Lavadeiras no rio de Portugal – Unknown
66. Cuno Amiet (1866-1961) Die Wäsche, 1905- Swiss
67. Jules Alexis Muenier (1863-1942) Petite Laveuse, 1910, France
68. Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) Les Laveuses, 1938, France
69. Emin A. Abbasov, Amarillo,  2019 – Azerbaijan
70. Pierre Auguste Renoir – Les laveuses - 1888
71. Paul Dominique Phlippoteaux (1845-1923) The Wash Day on the Nile 1896
72. Chinese Folk Art
73. Léon Auguste Lhermitte,Aux Champs Elysées, 1884, France
74. Unknown, Mayan Art, Atitlan Lake, Guatemala –
75. Henri Alphonse Barnoin (1882-1940) 
76. Vagner Aniceto –Brasil
77. Les Bugaderes d’Horta, photo 1951, Spain
78. Saim Dursun (1959-2021) – Turkey
79. Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) Japan
80. Sarkis Diranian 1854-1938 Armenia
81. Daniel Ridgway Knight (1839-1924) Laundress by the Water's Edge, 1922 USA
82. Ionnina Lake photo by Fred Boissonnas - 1913
83. Antonia Moraga Olivares – Grupo de lavanderas 2012, Spain
84. Dawn Emerson (1955- ) Ghat Women USA
85. John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) - USA    
86. Saeng Kwang Park  1904-1985) Korea
87. Alfredo Rodriguez (1954- ) Mexico
88. Remzi Taskiran (1961- ) Turkey
89. Saim Dursun (1959-2021) – Turkey
90. Jack Allen ( 1954 - ) Jamaica
91. Paul Sérusier (1864-1927) Les laveuses a Laita, 1892, France
92. Dorothy C.P. Ward, (1909 - 1994) - Washing Day 1934 ,Tavistock, Devon, England
93. Raoul Giordan (1926-2017) - La Lavandiere , France
94. William de Leftwich Dodge (1867-1935) - The Clothesline 1928, USA
95. Giuseppe Biasi (1885 -1945) Mattino in un villaggio sardo-1912, Italy
96. Anita Magsaysay-Ho(1914-2012) I Lavanderas (1957) Philippines 
97. Paul-Guigou - 1860 – Lavandière
98. Kostas Vrasse - Kyria Andriani - Tripotamos 1974 - Greece
99. Jose Otero Abeledo «Laxeiro» (1908-1996) Spain
100. Unknown, Lavanderas en la Fuente de San Roca - 1949 photo
101. Ken White (1943- ) Wash Day, UK
102. Luiz Osmundo Toulson photo, A Lavadeira de Vizela, 1914, Portugal  
103. Unknown photo, Local women washing clothes in the old Roman washing place in Campobasso, 1944, Italy
104. Herman Maril (1908-1986) USA
105. Tetsis Panayotis (1925-2016) GR - I Plistra

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