Title: “Dwelling Life”
Project for an in situ installation
A collaboration with the poet Vassilis Rouvalis
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Intervention in the old laundry of Mountados

My installation consists of a copper plate, cut to the dimensions of the inclined side of one of the washtubs.

The plate is engraved with the poem by Vassilis Rouvalis , with whom I collaborated for this project.

The plate does not remove the possibility of using the trays, on the contrary, the friction of the fabrics on the metal surface recalls the old tools (usually on wood) which favored cleaning by friction.

A red fabric, embroidered with two sentences taken from the poem, floats in the tub which will be partially filled with water.

It is connected to a network of red threads which are balls of fabric and which will be used to block the water inlets or to channel it as the users of the washhouse always do.

The 2 sentences chosen for the embroidery are very symbolic... Life flows... Silence is sweet

Also, friction makes the metal shine and leaves the memory of use.

The tray, filled with water, can give a "magnifying" effect to the text