Τitle: “What is negative now?”
Installation including objects, plants, wall printing with mixed techniques, lighting   
Dimensions: variable
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Those words accompany my project "What is negative now?" at the art exhibition "Tales of Water" because I feel some explanation is necessary.

They call me Yannis, I grew up in Tinos, and I have been living in Smardakito village for a year.

I made the installation at the water spring of the village, because I am closely connected with that water of an unknown origin that flows from this fountain.

I didn't make a work of art, I didn't touch any of it with my hands.

I asked them to carve out a piece of plastic and hang it on the walls that is housing the water spring.

I doubted if I should participate in this exhibition, in its first days, being away from the island and when I exhibited I wanted to be present. Also, I don't like artworks with long supplementary texts, I don't like that they are done without effort nor the creation of projects out of necessity for some upcoming exhibition.

Nevertheless, I could not refuse the opportunity to communicate my reflections to the audience of an exhibition about water and its stories.

So I will collate tables with information and images that perhaps create a basis to reflect on our relationship with water, the value and attention we give it, and if it finally "gets" the care it deserves.

Maybe it's not the best way to communicate something like this, but it will continue to concern me and I will continue to look for ways to share thoughts and solutions to the problem I locate.

Practically and thoughtfully I ask you to pay attention to what is most precious, water.