Konstantina Sylikou

Konstantina Sylikou was born in Athens. She studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1978-1983) under Professor Y. Moralis and Scenography under Professor V. Vas-siliadis. She carried on post graduate studies in painting at St. Martin ́s School of Art in London (1983-1985).She also studied Theology at the University of Athens (1997-2005) and,more recently, theater at the“Nama”studio ( 2016-2018). Her work has been show cased in 8 individual exhibitions as well as numerous group exhibitions. Some of her work is exhibited in museums and private collections. She has been appointed artistic director of visual Art work-shops in Moschato and Dionysos since1989. Konstantina Sylikou lives and works between Athens and Tinos

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